Thursday, February 7, 2008

This outfit

Wear this and :
1. Monkeys will shun you.
2. Manly man will not cuddle you hoping for nookie.
3. You will be declaired ridiculous, embarassing, and the weakest link Goodbye.

I have found the path to peace and quiet. Pink bathrobe, fuzzy socks, frog pajamas, and red crocs. Not one of my men will be seen with me.


  1. I noticed that none of the sisters pointed out my use of the work "nookie" Chickens. We all have it.

  2. Debbie .. this made me laugh, wrote a long post a few days ago and some how the computer decided I needed "a fit to fall in" and ATE the darn message ! LOL

    I have the same "get-up" .. Betty Boop pajamas (pink & lime).. pink FUZZY socks and the most delicious pink fuzzy bathrobe known to man ..because he won't get in that sort of thing, bought at Costco.
    My "pretend" crocks are out on the frozen deck throwing snide comments back to me since I FAILED in the mission to clean them up and store them in my garden section in the crowded utility room. They really can be quite rude to me, but I just shrug them off till I can see a bit of them poking out this Spring ! haha
    Love the humour .. my style too !