Friday, January 16, 2009

Like Christmas Just for Me

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THE SEEDS ARE HERE, THE SEEDS ARE HERE!!!!! Monica over at Garden Faerie's Musings started an snail mail seed exchange and I was first on the list. Thanks Monica. I will spend my free time this cold cloudy weekend researching the seeds you sent me, making my selections from your stash, making cute little seed packets, and raiding my seed stash to add to the exchange. Tuesday, I will mail the package on the Illinois.

This was one very good day. The school finally admitted that Baby Monkey has dyslexia and are going to provide the focused reading class he so terribly needs. After that good new, I went to a master gardener meeting. We planned our trip to the state convention in Marshall, Texas. After that meeting, a group of us stayed and prepared the winter newsletter for the mail. After that, Hilde and I went to help to another volunteer organization with the plans for a new family shelter. Of course, our job was to do what we love the best, talk about plants and plan gardens. To top it all off, Manly Man took me and the Monkeys out to eat dinner at Fat Catz a restaurant in a neighboring town. The menu is Cajun and Creole. Manly Man had fried shrimp and crawdads. Middle Monkey had a shrimp Po boy sandwich. Baby Monkey had mini corn dogs (there is one in every bunch). I had the most incredible Cajun crab cakes served over crawdads in a Creole lemon sauce. I was in heaven.

Hope you had an awesome day as well.

If you are a blogger involved in the seed swap, leave me a commment and I will link you up on my sending the seeds onward post the first of next week. I am pretty sure Tina and Frances are on the list.