Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Instant Greenhouse

My tomato babies are about a week old. I keep them inside on top of the dryer until they germinate, then they need to go outside. Every time I have tried to keep them in a bright window they stretched and did not do well. I have a big greenhouse, but it is a few miles away and I just don't feel like going there everyday to take care of seedlings. What I needed was a little mini greenhouse. I did an Internet search and found mini greenhouses using soda bottles, a lot of little hoop houses, and something made out of plastic and cardboard. Then I looked to might right. There were my plastic containers for my fabric. The light came on. I went to the dollar store and bought an inexpensive opaque container.


Put the lid down and put the seed trays on it.
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Put the bottom on as the top and lock in place. I put a rock on top of it just in case we have high winds. On very warm days, I will take the bottom-top off and let them into natural light. If it threatens to freeze, I will bring the whole thing inside. This should keep my tomatoes from getting too leggy and acclimate them to the temperatures outside.

I would love to hear any gardening tricks you have up your sleeve:)