Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Instant Greenhouse

My tomato babies are about a week old. I keep them inside on top of the dryer until they germinate, then they need to go outside. Every time I have tried to keep them in a bright window they stretched and did not do well. I have a big greenhouse, but it is a few miles away and I just don't feel like going there everyday to take care of seedlings. What I needed was a little mini greenhouse. I did an Internet search and found mini greenhouses using soda bottles, a lot of little hoop houses, and something made out of plastic and cardboard. Then I looked to might right. There were my plastic containers for my fabric. The light came on. I went to the dollar store and bought an inexpensive opaque container.


Put the lid down and put the seed trays on it.
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Put the bottom on as the top and lock in place. I put a rock on top of it just in case we have high winds. On very warm days, I will take the bottom-top off and let them into natural light. If it threatens to freeze, I will bring the whole thing inside. This should keep my tomatoes from getting too leggy and acclimate them to the temperatures outside.

I would love to hear any gardening tricks you have up your sleeve:)


  1. great idea. I was thinking of starting seeds early too and need to try this(-:

  2. Positively Perfect Idea! And I have some spare of those sitting around. Bravo and thanks for saving me some money.

  3. What a clever idea Deb and much more economical than some of the ready made systems you can find now!

  4. Debbi you are a genius! That idea will save me lots of money and worry. It will also save my seedlings from the biggest threat of all ~ the pets! Can't wait to get some started; I'm headed to the dollar store for some new "Aunt Debbi Greenhouses" :)

  5. You do come up with the best ideas. And the dryer, perfect. You must be a good mother, for you certainly know how to "mother" your plants.

  6. Ingenious!!!!! You HAVE to provide updates about this. This is such a wonderful stroke of genius.


  7. Great idea!! We're using all kinds of little tricks this year for starting early. This one is going in our bag for sure!

  8. Debbi, did you see the little greenhouse that Susie at Digging in the Dirt has? I want one of those! Sounds like Nola wants one too! :)
    You came up with a great idea though--great way to save money!

  9. Cindee, It got colder than I thought was healthy for my little seedlings tonight. I just brought the whole thing inside and will take it out again in the morning.

    Glad to help out Anna.

    Racquel, I think this will work fine and when I am done, I can fill it with fabric. Bonus.

    Nola, your makin me blush, but thanks and I hope it works for you.

    Brenda, I am a hit or miss mom, but my intentions are good. The top of the dryer is a very good place to start seedlings, nice and warm.

    Cindy, I will post again about the tomatoes. I get a little obsessive about them.

    shibaguyz, please share some of your tricks. We are all learning around here.

    Linda, I will go check out her setup.

  10. great idea, i happen to finally dug one of those containers out of my trunk Saturday and I can get started this weekend using one of these. Weather here in Dallas has been very strange. 70 one day, 40 the next. All "winter" long.

  11. Hi Ruth, glad to see another local garden blogger. Yep, our weather is weird.

  12. There they are! This is so exciting! Their little seed leaves are so sweet. Please please show them again with their true leaves. (I think the guy who gave me the seed will be tickled where all the plants have ended up!).