Monday, March 2, 2009

Out on the Streets: East Dallas Community Garden

I've been building up to this for a couple of days. This is the most exciting local garden find I have come across in years.

This is the East Dallas Community Garden located at 1416 N. Fitzhugh between Ross and Bryan streets. It is located just behind Jimmy's Store.

This community garden was established in 1987 to assist south east Asian refugees.
The gardeners sell produce to pay for water, purchase seeds and offset other gardening related costs.
Many of us are rallying around the "Buy Local" movement. To me this is more than just buying local, it is providing support and resources to this little community niche.
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Remember all the produce I came home with on Saturday for very little coin. We thought they were selling themselves short, but the point is to provide funds for the garden, not making a large profit.

I talked briefly to a gardener who spoke a little English. She said that most of the gardeners were elderly and on SSI benefits. She feels like it helps them get out and exercise. Two large plots rent for $30 a year.

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