Monday, January 19, 2009

Talking In My Sleep

Apparently, the three month long crunch of holidays, parenting issues, volunteer overload, and having a ginormous extended family have finally caused me to crack. According to his report, this morning, Manly Man had to deal with this when he arrived home from work and tried to go to bed.

He found me on his side of the bed being very possessive of "his" pillow.

Him, "Could you give me my pillow?"
Me, "No, I have to take a picture of it for the master gardener website."
Him, "Could you move over a little?"
Me, "NO, can't you see I'm typing?"

He finally got me to roll over, but I would not give up the pillow.

I don't remember anything.
Enjoy this little view into my subconscious.

Do you walk or talk in your sleep? You know you really want to tell me.