Thursday, December 30, 2010

Perennial Cabbage?

Can cabbage possibly be perennial? This is a picture of a cabbage plant I planted in the fall of 2009. It produced a head of cabbage, which I cut of and ate. The plant lived and put out a few more leaves. Then, it didn't die during last summer's heat. Hmmm. I left it alone and it began to thrive with this fall's cooler weather. Now, it is producing not one, but three heads of cabbage. Is this the hydra of the plant world? If so, cool. Now I am going to let all of my decapitated cabbage plants stay in the ground just to see if they will make additional heads for me.
In case you didn't know, broccoli will produce little baby broccoli heads after the first head is harvested, however, as soon as it get warm, mine always go to seed.