Friday, February 8, 2008

Beautful Day

The perfect gardening day showed up today. Sunshine and just a little breezy. The temp was in the high 60's. I weeded the onions and found some French Hollyhock seedlings coming up. I put them in pots to save for friends or our Spring Seminar plant sale.

The compost pile Middle Monkey and I made yesterday did not heat up. I added some spoiled milk and a lot more water. If it is not heating up by tomorrow I am going to add rabbit poop tea. If that doesn't work fish emulsion. If that doesn't work, I'll just cry. I really need this compost pile to heat up or I am not going to have compost for spring planting.

I am going to start the tomatoes TODAY. I am about a week late.

Hey, I actually posted about gardening on my gardening blog instead of silliness about boys. Is anybody else unable to spell check?