Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Have it Under Control. Really I Do

My wall of tomatoes is a mess. You see, I am letting my lettuce go to seed so I can save them for next year. There is also a cilantro going to seed in there. Of course coriander is absolutely essential and I must let it go to seed. What I am not leaving in on purpose is a tree trying to grow, some poison ivy, morning glory, dandelions, and a couple of tennis balls somebody planted for me. Then, oh the horror, it looks like there may be a pumpkin vine. What will I do. Do you remember what happened last year?
I spent a lovely hour at butterfly gardening sister's house this afternoon. She has asked us to help her remove some volunteer plants from the butterfly garden. Much like her big sister, she just does not want to pull up baby plants. Which brings us right back to what happened last year.

I came home with Texas star hibiscus. Hopefully, the police will not become involved. I also got purple cone flowers, cow pen daisies, bronze fennel, a candle stick tree, and gomphrena. Gomphrena brought about a truly hilarious tweet by foolery on twitter.
I don't remember planting this amaryllis, but isn't it cool?
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I also have a raised bed gardening sister. Maybe I will visit her next week.

To all of you who commented for seeds, they should be in the mail at the end of the week with a surprise.