Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sorry, y'all. I have been going on and on about my three sisters plantings. I was so happy with my first group of five that I planted two more. The first groups have popcorn, red noodle beans, and heirloom squash varieties. The popcorn varieties are strawberry and calico. The squash varieties are straight and crook necked yellow squash, and three types of zucchini include the cute little Ronde de Nice.

In the two new plantings, I planted sweet corn, more squash varieties to be determined and regular green yard long beans. Another pumpkin vine showed up and it gets to stay as well.

My popcorn is beginning to put out tassels. This prompted me to do some research. So after the fact, I go look up how to grow, harvest, and store popcorn. Step 1 pick your varieties with this warning "Don’t plant popcorn and sweet corn near one another, as they will both suffer if their is cross pollination." CRAP. I can only hope that the popcorn is finished with the pollination thing before the sweet corn starts it. I still have so much to learn.

Here is the article from There are some good popcorn recipes. That's right folks, popcorn recipes.

Have you made any gardening mistakes this year? Do you have popcorn recipes to share?