Saturday, March 28, 2009

Very Exciting Day at the Library

Today was a very interesting day at the library. Though I don't often post about it, I have a greenhouse. It is set up at a dear friend's place about five minutes from here. We keep it there because she has more space and an excellent rainwater harvesting system. I don't have any plants in it this year so my greenhouse partner is enjoying some peace and quiet without daily visits from me and the Monkeys. She called me just after we opened the library this morning asking for a little advice. Seems like the kerosene heater acted up and there is soot everywhere. The walls, ceiling, tables, and plants are all covered in "black snow." The only thing I could think of was to mix up a mild solution of liquid dish soap and wash everything down. We had quite a laugh at this new hiccup in greenhouse management.

Later in the afternoon, Paul, from the Texas Triffid Ranch brought me pitcher plants for our bog garden at the Outdoor Education Center. Right there at the library counter, we enjoyed a short, inpromptu lecture on pitcher plants and trigger plants complete with live plants to examine. Very exciting. Hope the Best Boss Ever is tolerant of plants taking over the library for just a little.

After we closed the library down, Paul and I took a trip to the OEC. We stopped by my house to pick up the camera on the way. Paul graciously explained pitcher plants and trigger plants to Middle Monkey. He also advised my son not to put his finger in the pitcher plant traps because of a possible nasty reaction to a chemical they secrete. (I have repeated "Do not put your finger in the pitcher plants' traps" about 400 times since the plants came home. Somebody help me, seriously).

At the OEC we examined the bog garden and took a tour of the rest of the plots. He was very complimentary and gave me great advise on how to grow the pitcher plants. Now this guy knows his stuff. I hope I can pull all the information he passed on back out of my brain when the time comes to use it. If not, I am afraid I will become his special needs client.

After leaving the OEC, we then had a nice lunch and a lively conversation at the Cotton Gin Restaurant. I wanted to buy all the plants he brought, but I had a $100 budget for plants this time around. I am asking for more next time.
 Paul at the bog garden at our KCMG Outdoor Education Center. Very near to where the pitcher plants will call home.
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I've got to run now and get a few things together for our Earth Hour event. What did you do or not do during Earth Hour?

Ps: The cat thinks the pitcher plants are candy and has been licking them. Durn, now I have to wait and see if she has some sort of reaction.