Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disappearing Corn Snake

Talked to my mom this morning. She was inviting me to share a ride to the grocery store. She told me my younger sister had given her son a corn snake for his birthday and somehow the snake had escaped from its' cage.

I waited a few hours and called the sister for a snake update. She told me the snake was still missing. They had torn the house apart and looked everywhere. Unfortunately, this had to happen while her in-laws are visiting. I am not sure how they feel about snakes. We talked about how to find a snake on the loose and the wisdom of getting a snake for an eleven-year-old. Then she screamed. The snake had reappeared in its' cage. Luckily, she figured out that the log in its' cage had an almost invisible opening in it that the snake could slither into. But wouldn't it have been funny if she didn't figure it out and the snake disappeared and reappeared over and over in the cage. Sorry, I find my siblings hilarious. I wonder if she know that snakes can't have hiccups?

No we are not getting a snake. I am putting my foot down. If a snake got loose in my house I would have a complete nervous breakdown. No snakes.