Monday, March 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged.

Thanks to Weed Wackin Wenches - Curmudgeon and Wing Nut -I am now about to bore you with ten things about myself.

1). I am afraid of my electric sewing machine, electric can openers, electric pencil sharpeners, and motherhood. I have a hand cranked sewing machine and a manual can opener. I am just going to have to deal with the panic attacks and get these monkeys raised.

2). I am eight years older than my Manly Man. Go Debbi!

3). I can still do the splits, right and left leg. Might explain how I bagged Manly Man.

4). I am the oldest of seven children. No we are not Catholic. Try going through high school with a constantly pregnant mother - Good times.

5). I don't get my children's jokes. In my defense, the monkeys are only funny when they aren't trying to be funny.

6). I bake bread and recently started growing my own sour dough starter. Now I am sort of gardening in the refrigerator. Manly man and the monkeys are getting worried.

7). I get paid to garden. It seems kind of wrong to love my job this much.

8). I hide chocolate all over the house. Really, it is hidden everywhere. If something happens to me y'all need to come over here and help find all of it.

9.) I can't sing. Out of meanness, I call my sisters and sing happy birthday to their answering machines.

10). I love to pants the monkeys. It's fun and they keep coming back.

Okay, I tag Joy at GardenJoy4Me, Sherry at Sherrys Zoo and Garden, Kurt at All Kurt all the Time, Jack at Jackamunga, and Matt&Jen at Our First Garden. Please tell us ten things about yourself and don't make a voodoo doll in my image to punish me because I tagged you.