Monday, March 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged.

Thanks to Weed Wackin Wenches - Curmudgeon and Wing Nut -I am now about to bore you with ten things about myself.

1). I am afraid of my electric sewing machine, electric can openers, electric pencil sharpeners, and motherhood. I have a hand cranked sewing machine and a manual can opener. I am just going to have to deal with the panic attacks and get these monkeys raised.

2). I am eight years older than my Manly Man. Go Debbi!

3). I can still do the splits, right and left leg. Might explain how I bagged Manly Man.

4). I am the oldest of seven children. No we are not Catholic. Try going through high school with a constantly pregnant mother - Good times.

5). I don't get my children's jokes. In my defense, the monkeys are only funny when they aren't trying to be funny.

6). I bake bread and recently started growing my own sour dough starter. Now I am sort of gardening in the refrigerator. Manly man and the monkeys are getting worried.

7). I get paid to garden. It seems kind of wrong to love my job this much.

8). I hide chocolate all over the house. Really, it is hidden everywhere. If something happens to me y'all need to come over here and help find all of it.

9.) I can't sing. Out of meanness, I call my sisters and sing happy birthday to their answering machines.

10). I love to pants the monkeys. It's fun and they keep coming back.

Okay, I tag Joy at GardenJoy4Me, Sherry at Sherrys Zoo and Garden, Kurt at All Kurt all the Time, Jack at Jackamunga, and Matt&Jen at Our First Garden. Please tell us ten things about yourself and don't make a voodoo doll in my image to punish me because I tagged you.


  1. My kids are always TRYING to be funny. Without success! They do many funny things though and I often laugh at them anyway. They just make up these crazy "jokes" (I use the term loosely) and laugh like a bunch of hyenas.

  2. Hi Cinj. Sounds familiar. Bunch of crazy monkeys.

  3. LOL funny as usual. Are you glad for the sibs now? Also, I don't think my kids' jokes are funny either. I just laugh, and they give me dirty looks. They can tell I'm lying.~~Dee

  4. The Wenches are grateful that you didn't send the smelly dog or the monkeys after us.

  5. I don't mind being tagged...I'll play here in the next few days.

    Kids are at their funniest when they never intend to be. That's part of their intrigue.

    Sherry at the Zoo

  6. Hi Dee, I started to tag you but someone else got to you first. The jokes are horrible.

    Hi WWs, No you were not sent any flying monkeys or smelly shepherds. So far I don't think anyone has made a voodoo doll.

    Hi Sherry, Looking forward to your info.