Friday, November 21, 2008

Gardening and Quilting

It has been a busy day here at the Monkey House. The Monkeys and I tore up the compost pile, screened some compost, and created a new raised bed. Tomorrow we will screen more compost and make at least two more raised beds, if not three. Then we will rebuild the compost pile. If we get it all done, the fall/winter garden will be ready to finish planting. In the past, I have only planted half the garden in the fall. This year, the whole thing will be planted.
After it became too dark and too cold to keep working outside, I came in and started working on the family reunion quilt. I have all the squares and sashing up on the color wall. Tomorrow I will mark the white blocks with the quilting pattern and begin assembling the quilt top. I want to have the top finished by Sunday afternoon and begin quilting it Monday. That will give me a little less than two weeks to get it quilted and bound. It is a twin quilt and the quilting pattern is pretty simple. I should be able to get it done. If my past record is any indication of my future behavior, I will be binding this quilt after midnight the day of the party.
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