Friday, November 21, 2008

Gardening and Quilting

It has been a busy day here at the Monkey House. The Monkeys and I tore up the compost pile, screened some compost, and created a new raised bed. Tomorrow we will screen more compost and make at least two more raised beds, if not three. Then we will rebuild the compost pile. If we get it all done, the fall/winter garden will be ready to finish planting. In the past, I have only planted half the garden in the fall. This year, the whole thing will be planted.
After it became too dark and too cold to keep working outside, I came in and started working on the family reunion quilt. I have all the squares and sashing up on the color wall. Tomorrow I will mark the white blocks with the quilting pattern and begin assembling the quilt top. I want to have the top finished by Sunday afternoon and begin quilting it Monday. That will give me a little less than two weeks to get it quilted and bound. It is a twin quilt and the quilting pattern is pretty simple. I should be able to get it done. If my past record is any indication of my future behavior, I will be binding this quilt after midnight the day of the party.
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  1. Ha!!! I'd like to say thank God I'm not the only procrastinator, but given everything that you and the Monkeys accomplished, between the compost pile, raised beds, and quilt, you hardly deserve the comparison. What a wonderful day's work! Er, I somehow lost track of your sister's wedding ring quilt. Did you finish it? If so, would you mind posting (or reposting) a photo? Thanks!

  2. What a busy beaver you've been. I wish I could have a winter garden but since it will soon be under a foot or two of snow it's pointless for me to even try it.

    I got my compost pile moved to the site I'd like to make into a veggie garden in the spring. I was hoping to get it all tilled into the soil before the ground freezes, but it doesn't look like that's going to end up happening.

  3. Considering all the work you & the monkees got done yesterday I wouldn't be too hard on yourself about procrastinating on the quilt. We all do it sometimes. :) That quilt is going to be really special.

  4. I wish I had your energy not to mention your talent! That quilt is beautiful!

  5. ofb, the wedding ring quilt is in the holding pattern as the design changed. When I finish the family reunion quilt, I will go back and complete the wedding ring. They are much more complicated and take a year or more to finish.

    cinj, the compost will probably be even better if you leave it sit over winter.

    Thanks Racquel, I used the quilt stamp "By Kate" They make these projects really easy,

    Thanks meadowview.

  6. Hi!
    I visit Nola's Alamo North place a lot. She mentioned your place, so thought I would come over and take a look. Your quilt is beautiful!!! I also quilt and garden. Nice visiting your place. Take Care!!


  7. You better start rounding up quilting volunteers, that's a lot to get done! Can't wait to see the final result.

  8. Hi splummer. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your quilt blog. Very nice.

    Nola, unfortunately, not one of my sisters quilts. So I am on my own.

  9. Can you get it into a quilting frame at a quilting bee and have a bunch of women pitch in? You know what, I love the act of quilting (when not under pressure!) And I think this may be what ultimately saves you from the insanity of living in a jungle with wild animals.

  10. Brenda, I have never quilted a quilt with anyone else. I am not sure I play well with others. Quilting, gardening, and the ability to sleep twelve hours at a time are the things that keep me from running away.