Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Sweetheart


He did it again. Look what my yummy hubby did for me. He has to work the next two days so he brought me Valentine's Day early. Those are the best chocolates ever. The flowers are just beautiful.

Happy early Valentine's Day to all of you.
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Migration Misery

I am so confused. I know I am supposed to migrate my feed from feedburner to google or something like that, but when I go to the tutorial I cannot find the place to sign on and make the changes. All I can find is starting a new feedburner feed. Then I go to try to just sign in on feedburner, and they say I don't have any feeds with them. Maybe I don't. Who knows? The confusion is probably from working a full day of library and being a little (or a lot) brain dead. Everyone seems be commenting on how easy it was. I am sure it is just me. If anyone feels sorry for me and can turn me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Otherwise, I will muddle through on my own in over the next few days:(

Update, I did something, but not sure what. It looks the same to me on the feed. Don't have a clue if this is different and I should copy it over to blotanical or not. I hate feed issues. Seriously.