Friday, February 19, 2010

Recycling Project

Tomato babies and proof I do laundry

There are over 100 tomato seedlings on top of my dryer under my grow light sewing light. I put paper labels on each container of seedlings and covered those with tape to keep out the moisture. Obviously, I cannot do that when the time comes to pot each little plant in individual containers.

Every year, I struggle to label my seedlings. Popsicle stick markers fade and wax pencil markings smudge. I cannot afford am unwilling to pay for those fancy metal markers. As I was putting away dishes this morning, I realized I have saved a lot of cottage cheese containers. Instead of throwing some of them in the recycle bin to make cabinet space, I took a few and cut them into strips leaving one pointy end. I marked the names of my tomato varieties on them with permanent marker and stuck them in the plants. Instant, free plant labels.

Your Welcome.