Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toad Up Pant Leg, No I am Not Kidding or Copying Silence

Over the past eleven days I have been working in my garden in the evening from about 7:30 til dark. I have managed to get a lot done. I have also seen a lot of cool things such as lady bugs, lady bug larva, fire flies (way too cool), assassin bugs (also cool), and baby bunnies.

During this time, I have been crawled on by a lot of bugs. Fortunately, I am not afraid of bugs. I kind of think they are cute, unless they sting. I let pretty much any bug crawl on me and I sort of like it. Unlike Silence and her hilarious post on a bug up her skirt, I am pretty much at one with the bugs. Not in the house though, I don't like bugs in the house either, Silence.

Well, anyway, the bugs are not the only things hanging around the garden. We have toads, which is great as they eat some of the bugs (hopefully mostly bad bugs). We are organic around here and do not spray or bait. We do squish. We squish the squash bugs.

Much like Silence, I like to garden in long cotton skirts. I also like to garden in loose cotton pants. They look like pajama pants. Well, maybe they are pajama pants. Just don't look over my fence, okay.

Tonight I weeded until almost dark. Unfortunately, I did not water until it was almost pitch black outside. The moon was helping a little. I was carrying a watering can through the garden gate towards the tomato plants at the back of the garden when I startled a toad. Well, I was moving pretty quickly, trying to save daylight, and the toad and I intersected.

That stupid toad jumped right up my pant leg. The encounter did not last more than a few seconds, but I think I jumped about a mile. Fortunately, no plants were trampled during my toad extraction. I don't know who was more upset, the toad or me. I do not like to touch or be touched by toads. Monkeys laughed at me. I am plotting my revenge.

Isn't This the Cutest Thing?

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