Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hot Afternoon Bunny Drama or Abby has a Bad Day

It is 102 here and feels like 107. Usually, we put a couple of frozen water bottles in the rabbit hutch to keep the bunnies cool. I forgot to freeze them last night so we had to bring all four rabbits inside to keep them safe and cool. So we have four rabbits, two cats, three kids, me and a German shepherd in the house. There is only one kennel. Usually, Abby stays in there. We have to keep either the daddy bunny or the rest of the bunnies in the kennel to avoid additional bunnies. Gotta keep em separated - nuff said. So at least one bunny at a time is in the living room being babysat by a monkey. The only one having a hard time is Abby.
First she got in trouble for trying to give these a bath.
Then this one scratched her on the nose when she tried to give her a kiss.
Then this one chased her out of the living room. How humiliating.
Abby is not having a good day.
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