Monday, April 21, 2008

Oil of Oregano

I finally feel better and I had the answer in my cabinet all along. Oil of oregano. I used to work at an organic nursery and one of my coworkers was/is an herbalist. She turned me on to oil of oregano, wild oregano to be exact. This took care of my recurrent upper respiratory symptoms. The stuff works for me and it works fast. I just put a drop of it under my tongue and then drink a cup of very warm water. Things generally open up right away and I get better within a day or so. So why, oh why did I subject myself to a weeks worth antibiotics, steroids, and a sedative cough medicine when I had the cure right at my finger tips. I forgot. I completely forgot about this wonderful herb. All the "medicine" did for me was upset my stomach and make me sleepy. The oregano let me breathe immediately and the cough is almost gone. I spent over $100 when a $1 dose of oregano oil made me actually feel better. I could have saved mysef the side effects. I should have at least tried the oregano before going to the M.D. The only drawback, oil of oregano tastes worse than fennel tea.