Monday, January 14, 2008

It happened again

It happened again. I felt sorry for the bunnies because it is cold outside. I went out to the garden to give them a banana. They like bananas, but they fight over them. I cut them in half to avoid this, but they still fight over one of the pieces. I've done my part. I cannot make these two bunnies any smarter. Aaannywaay, it is really really dark in my garden at 11:00 at night. I had to sidestep a tailless cat and then went "behind over teakettle" (watering can) and down behind the broccoli. I know you were out there. I heard you snicker.

I wonder if I can spin this into solar garden lighting. Baby are you reading this. I know you don't want the mother of your children to fall down at night outside by herself in the cold dark garden because she feels sorry for rabbits. Well sure, I could just put the watering can away. No, I have not been drinking. Really.