Monday, July 19, 2010

30 Minutes

This blog is going to get pretty boring. I have not been posting as much because my husbands health has been my main concern. Somehow, socks just are not as funny right. I might come up with a one liner for Facebook or Twitter, but I have not had it in me to create anything bigger than that.

Anyway, several weeks ago ten of us over on Facebook (mostly garden bloggers) decided to commit to getting in better shape. I found a website that tracks steps and measures the distance towards the moon (figuratively of course). We started using that to track our progress. The nice thing about it is that it allows you to count many activities as steps. There is a nice little conversion chart.

I went all gangbusters on this program and managed to hurt my neck the first week. This caused me to rethink my situation. I am a middle aged, out of shape, overwhelmed wife and mother of three. I am not going to become super fit in a short period of time. I don't have the time during each day to dedicate to that kind of routine.

I decided to take a step back and try to create some new habits one habit at a time. First, I said I would work in the garden every evening possible for thirty minutes. That was two weeks ago. As of last night, all the walkways in my garden were weeded. I can clearly see the accomplishment.

At the beginning of last week, I added in thirty minutes of housework daily. While, I was not as constant with this goal, I did managed to clean up a large part of my office, which has been turned into a sort of junk room since I received a laptop for Mother's Day and don't sit in here much anymore. Now that I can see the floor, I am now more motivated to get things cleaned up, tossed out and organized. I feel pretty optimistic that I will keep doing this.

This week, I plan on adding in just a little sewing everyday. I am not going to commit to thirty minutes, because I don't think that is reasonable. I will just sit at the sewing machine or hand quilt a little everyday. I commit to picking it up.

At some point I may come back in here and edit this mumbo jumbo, but for right now, I just want to start keeping a record of what I am up to. Maybe I'll find my sense of humor along the way.