Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Storing Endive

I saw a Pinterest pin that showed how to make salad ahead in a mason jar.  The information said that as long as the dressing didn't touch the lettuce it would stay good for several days.  I have endive growing like crazy this year.  I picked a little more than we needed for our salad about ten days ago, cut up the excess and put it in a mason jar.  I expected to use it in just a couple of days.   Well, the usual happened.  The monkeys shoved it behind a gallon of milk and a bottle of BBQ sauce and I forgot about it.  This afternoon, I discovered it.  It was surprisingly still pretty fresh, at least the top half.  So I am cutting up another couple of heads, putting one jar in our fridge and one jar in the fridge at work.  This time, I promise not to forget about it.