Friday, October 31, 2008

Horror in the Garden

I took Baby Monkey on a trick or treat hay ride along with Monkeys' Uncle #2, sil#1, and two nieces. My brother hooked up the trailer, filled it with hay, covered the hay with blankets, and hauled us all over Combine looking for houses lit up for Halloween. There were kids, trailers, four wheelers, and dune buggies everywhere. It is a small town kind of thing and we always have a good time.

Manly Man and Middle Monkey stayed home to give out candy/watch the Dallas Stars game. We came home to find quite a setup. The jack-o-lanterns were out front lit up with strobe lights. There were neighbors in the yard and in the house. A Halloween party had sprung up while we were gone. We all hung out for a while enjoying the kids and candy. Some cars stopped and let their little ones trick or treat. There were no tricks on the babies, just yummy candy.

Everything calmed down after a while and the neighbors went home. I realized I had not fed the bunnies and went outside to give them some alfalfa. I picked up a plastic cup, filled it with bunny food, and headed out. The rabbit hutch is at the back of the garden. It is pretty dark back there.

I fed the bunnies, talked to them, and petted them. It was the normal bunny feeding routine, all cute and stuff. I had just closed the rabbit hutch and was headed back to the house when it happened. A hideous, bald headed troll leaned over the fence and hollered "What are you doing?" I screamed and almost fell down. I only peed a little. The troll started laughing so hard it was holding it's sides. It was my @#$% husband in a horrible Halloween mask. I threw the cup at him.

Were any bad tricks played on you tonight?