Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peppers a Plenty

While other garden bloggers are posting about their first freeze, first snow, and putting their gardens to bed for the winter, over here in my garden we are having a fall bumper crop of hot peppers.

There is something a little off about my chili pequeno plant. The leaves are turning black. There has not been a freeze and they look perfectly healthy. The plant is loaded with peppers. hmmmm....

Here is a picture of the peppers I picked today with the lovely bouquet of flowers Manly Man gave me for our anniversary. Those are not all the peppers. I got bored and stopped picking them. I will get back out there again tomorrow.

What to do with all these pepper? Well, I joined the 29 Day Giving Challenge. My gift today was a pint of Serrano to the neighbor who loves them. She says they won't eat the habaneros. I will make some more hot sauce and pickle some. Then I may need to put up a sign in the yard saying,


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