Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Bowl of Tomatoes

Here is my first bowl of tomatoes along with a few peppers. The peppers were supposed to be Serrano. The nursery put the wrong tags on plants again. They look exactly like Cayenne peppers to me.
The tomato plants are having a really hard time this year. First there was a fungus. Michael of Tomato Casual helped me solve that problem. We communicated by tweets. Don't let anyone tell you twitter is useless.
Anyway, after that we had too much wet weather, followed by too much dry weather, followed by a flood. The tomatoes gave up and quit growing. Yesterday, I discovered spider mites. I gave them a bath with dissolved Zote soap and rinsed them well. Tonight, I will fertilize and add compost and mulch. Hopefully, they will snap back. As insurance, I am already getting my fall plants started. I took cuttings of yellow pear and Celebrity. I also started some Avivvi from seeds. Monica shared this wonderful tomato with me during her progressive seed exchange. Avivvi is my new favorite tomato. There are two of them in the bowl. They are not quite ripe, but you can see that they are a little stripey.
How are your tomatoes doing? Posted by Picasa