Thursday, June 5, 2008

Block of the Month Gone Bad

Here is the May block of the month. As you might have read before, I agreed to do this block of the month thing with my mom back in January. You buy the first block and if you bring it in on the first Thursday of the month, they give you the next block for free. You then have the option of buying three "completer" blocks to go with your free block. The completer blocks are only seven dollars pattern and fabric included. If you do all four blocks each month, at the end of the year you will have a full sized quilt top.
Sounds good, right? Wrong!!!!
I have lost complete control of my project. I didn't get one of the completer blocks done for March. I didn't get any of the completer blocks done for April. So I am four blocks behind and a new month is here. Last night I cut out the big block for May. I sat down to sew it this morning. Luckily my mom called to see when to come pick me up to go to the quilt store. I said, "Give me about an hour. I have it all cut out and there is only a little bit of applique. It shouldn't take me too long to get it together." She asks, "What applique?" I had cut out the wrong @!#$ quilt pattern. Mamala to the rescue. We sat down and cut it out. Cutting it out is the longest part of the process. Then she pinned and pressed while I sewed. We had it made in two and a half hours.
At this point I have nine quilt blocks to make to get caught up with this project. I also need to make two double wedding ring quilts one for Baby Sister and one for Niece#1. The first needs to be done by September and the other by this time next summer. I have sewn myself into a corner and can't get out.

The pattern pictured above is called "Devil's Claw." That, somehow, seems fitting.

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