Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mulch Monkeys

The Monkeys and a neighbor boy helped me spread some cedar mulch today. They were not quite as enthusiastic about it as they were about deconstructing a compost pile, but they got the job done. I am sure the 100+ degree temperature did not help motivate them.

Inevitably, someone asked why we are doing this. So I got another chance to teach. Here are a few reasons to use mulch.
1. Mulch keeps the soil cool and moist. This helps conserve water.
2. Mulch discourages weeds.
3. Mulch is is more attractive than bare soil.
4. Using bark mulch is a great way to recycle.
5. As it breaks down, mulch adds organic matter to the soil.
6. Worms like mulch.
Apparently, Trixie did not think much of us invading "her" garden and interrupting a nap.
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