Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 9

I've reached the point in this garden cleanup where things start to become obvious. I mean really, really bad things become obvious. Things like giant poison ivy vines, fire ant infestations, a gazillion "saved yet cracked and useless" 6 and 9 inch flats and trumpet vine invading the potting bench. There is also a weed I know as colts foot. It is four to six feet tall this time of year and looks like a smallish tree. It is easy to take care of, cut it off and compost it - TADA.

This year, my massive passion vine has grown over and around these large woody weeds. Not a problem, that passion vine needs a haircut anyway. But wait, it is full on Gulf Frittilary butterfly mating season. There is a lot of butterfly action going on out there and the caterpillars are all over that passion vine.

Today's work went slow. Clip a section of woody weed, detangle passion vine from weed, repeat. One cat actually made it to the compost pile, but i saw him and put him back on the vine.

I wish you could see how pretty the garden looks with all those butterflies floating around.