Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Help a Fellow Blogger Out, Would Ya?

Hope you all are having a happy new years eve. Obviously, I am having a lame new years eve as I am here blogging like a dork. Anyway, I need your help. My family thinks I am crazy and it is all your fault. I keep saying things like, "This lady I Internet know, in Canada(exchange England, Australia, Oklahoma, or Sweden for location), blah, blah, blah." Or, "I met this person from another tiny Texas town at Scarecrow Festival, but we have been talking (in comments) for months." What is worse, I had to explain to the spouse of the person I met at the street festival why a total stranger was hugging his wife and giving her a passion vine. Anyway, my nonblogging family thinks I have lost my crackers and you are all make believe invisible friends. We need a new name for our friendships. The all to lame, "this lady I know on the Internet," must be replaced with something more respectable, more real, and more awesome.

I came up with Internet friend and blogging buddy, but the offline humans still eye roll me. Well, even the cats eye roll me, but they are bred to be snotty.

Any suggestions?