Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Report

We had a lovely family Thanksgiving this year. All seven siblings and all of the grand kids made it to the celebration.
First we released our butterfly . This was pretty lame as the butterfly refused to fly. He just sat there on that flower.

Two cousins called pulling the wishbone. Teenage Monkey won. He won't divulge his wish - silly Monkey.

We started a new family tradition of burning a bonfire. This was quite nice, but no one wanted to stay outside until it burned all the way out.
The food was good and there was too much. Sadly, no one ate my tomato jam-cowards. Table conversation was lively with plenty of laughter.
Hope you all had a very happy holiday with plenty of family, food, and fun.
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What I am thankful for on this Thanksgiving

Here they are, The Dirty Dozen Dozen. Well, there is one still in the oven so let's call them The Excellent Eleven.
I am thankful for each of these beautiful children, the people who made them, and the people who made the people that made them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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