Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Report

We had a lovely family Thanksgiving this year. All seven siblings and all of the grand kids made it to the celebration.
First we released our butterfly . This was pretty lame as the butterfly refused to fly. He just sat there on that flower.

Two cousins called pulling the wishbone. Teenage Monkey won. He won't divulge his wish - silly Monkey.

We started a new family tradition of burning a bonfire. This was quite nice, but no one wanted to stay outside until it burned all the way out.
The food was good and there was too much. Sadly, no one ate my tomato jam-cowards. Table conversation was lively with plenty of laughter.
Hope you all had a very happy holiday with plenty of family, food, and fun.
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  1. I had a most lovely day by myself in the garden. Husband was on call. One day, Deb, you will have time to yourself out in the garden. When monkeys go to college!

  2. What a nice way to spend the holiday. The bon-fire is a great idea!

  3. Why do you think I used my fire pit? I didn't have to watch it as closely then. MIL has offered to give me her burning barrel too.

    It was so nice that everyone was able to come and visit for the holiday.

  4. Brenda, I hope I have not gone totally loco before my time comes:)

    Racquel, The bonfire was fun. The kids really enjoyed it.

    Cinj, The bonfire was actually the burn pile my Dad was collecting in his back pasture. We just chose Thanksgiving as the day to burn it. We will do it every year on Thanksgiving unless it is too dry.

  5. I'm sorry but there just isn't enough details about the FOOD. I am fascinated by your holidays that we don't have like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Come on educate an Aussie here!!
    Hope you all had a lovely day.

  6. Foxy, Okay, Halloween means dressing up in the wildest costumes ever and begging door to door for candy. It also gives your husband an opportunity to scare the pee out of you. NOT KIDDING.

    Thanksgiving food for my family of 27 includes a smoked turkey, a honey baked ham, broccoli cheese casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, homemade bread with real butter, homemade mac and cheese, pickles (sweet and dill), olives, pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, and - oh damn, I can't remember what else we ate. Must sleep now, going into a coma.

  7. *sigh* It all sounds so wonderful. Next year invite me okay?

  8. Foxy, I will save a place at the table for you. Be ready to use elbows and blocking tactics to make it through my brothers to the food.

  9. Try serving the tomato jam on a cheese or club sandwich with sliced sweet onions'n'such (bacon, anyone?). If the Talbott Tavern can serve fried green tomatoes on its club sandwiches, you can put tomato jam on yours, and I'll bet everyone will love them!

  10. ofb, that sounds good. Maybe a ham and tomato jam sandwich.