Sunday, May 23, 2010

They're Back

The butterflies are back. This big guy was just a tiny little pitter speck just a couple of days ago. Now he is ready to morph. The dill has been munched pretty badly.

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I am really pleased with our tomatoes this year. I am growing 14 varieties, many of which were give seeds from the slow mail seed swap hosted by Monica earlier this spring. That particular tomato is a Better Boy, I think. Silly me didn't label anything again this year. Duh. There are two that appear striped, which would be Avivvi and Green Zebra. I also have a Mr. Stripey, which has one tiny little tomato on it. I didn't have any luck with that one last year either.

The garden is green.
We have had plenty of rain.
There has not been any really bad weather.
The butterflies are back.
Life is good.