Saturday, December 15, 2007

Note for the spelling police

Ha ha according to my last post, I am going to have literate tomatos.

It is freezing

Well at this time it is not actually freezing yet, just down to 36. It is supposed to go down to 28 tonight. Below is a picture of the things I brought in from the garden. There is swiss chard, green tomatos, dill, fennel, basil, chili pequin (red and green), and one really ugly carrot. The bunnys will get the carrot, we will eat the rest of it. Most of the tomatos will turn read after a while. I just leave them in a bowl in the table. The boys will eat them as they turn red. I dont know if the green chilis will turn red the same way, but I am going to give it a shot. The red chilis will dry in the bowl after which I will put them in jars for storage. They make an awsome tobasco type sauce with salt and cider vinegar.

Things I brought in before the freeze

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