Tuesday, June 23, 2009

An Interview or Two

Remember the manicotti. Remember the questions at the bottom of that post. Well, the lovely Linda of Meadowview Thymes responded with a post for us. She has answered the questions and shared some recipes that sound really good. Go on over and check it out.

Just after I hit the publish post on this, I discovered that Miss Nola of Alamo North also responded to my interview questions with her own post. Thanks Nola.

Now here is what we had for lunch

French bread topped with butter, garlic, chopped heirloom tomatoes (Avivvvi again) and mozzarella cheese toasted.

This was Teenage Monkey approved.

If you like to cook and would like to play along with my interview game, here are the questions.

At what age did you begin cooking?
Who taught you?
What type of food is your favorite?
Where to you get your best ingredients?
Do you know any cooking tricks?
Will you share a recipe?

Got to go now, Teenage Monkey is begging for more french bread lunch toast.

Pain in the Neck

I have kept this pretty much to myself, on the Internet anyway. Those of you who twitter might know that I went to seen an acupuncturist yesterday.

I have had severe neck pain for the past five or six weeks. There was no accident. It just started out as uncomfortable, like I had slept wrong. Over time, it progressively became worse. It finally got so bad that I couldn't sleep, do laundry, or garden. For several days the monkeys had to water the garden for me.

I didn't not go to our M.D. because all they want to do is throw narcotics at it. I hate taking those types of medications. They don't really do me any good and seriously make me feel stupid.

My coworkers at the library suggested their acupuncture lady. They raved about their results of this treatment for hip pain, neck pain, even big toe issues. When we returned from vacation I made an appointment. This is the same group of ladies that fixed my eye twitch with aroma therapy and a head rub. I sort of trust them.

Little Jan, the acupuncture lady was a joy. She was sweet and gentle and really took her time finding out what was going on with my neck and shoulder. She thinks it has something to do with a fall I took about three years ago. Gardening, library lady duties and monkey wrangling probably exacerbated this old injury.

The treatment took about 90 minutes and about a million needles. She even hooked me up to an electric stimulation thingy. I did feel better immediately after the treatment, but the difference today is spectacular. I slept last night. I woke up feeling good and was able to get some housework, including laundry done. I can move my neck. It still has a sore spot, so I don't claim that this was a miracle or anything, but it certainly helped and I am not drugged.

She left four acupuncture staples in my neck and says that I should continue to improve over time. As for accupuncture, I approve it.