Thursday, November 6, 2008


I found this on my deck tonight at about 10:00. I usually step on them before I see them. Ever tried to get slug slime off of your bare foot?
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Aunt Debbi's Garden is one year old today. On this date last year I made my very first post. I was taking myself really seriously. Nobody commented. Lucky for y'all the Monkey's took over. This blog may be silly, but it usually isn't boring.
A look at my site meter shows that more than 13,000 people have been here to visit. Now, I know that is not a lot in the big blogging picture, but hey, I'm blown away.

I have enjoyed this hobby very much. I have made some great internet friends and actually met one face to face. I love to read comments y'all leave and go out and read y'alls blogs.
I have gotten some great ideas from other garden bloggers. I hope I have given a little bit of good information along with all the silliness.
I chronicled the really silly invasion of pumpkins in my tiny garden.
We were involved in several sock situations, one became an international incident

I feel like this is a great record of our lives from my point of view and saturated in plants.
The Monkeys are not impressed.
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