Sunday, March 23, 2008

Going Camping and Gardening

Abby fresh out of the pond. You have no idea the strength of her aroma.
Look what Baby Monkey drew for me with his Easter basket chalk. He made me a flower.
We spent Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night camping. Believe it or not this was a gardening opportunity. The land we camp on belongs to a good friend and adopted Uncle to the monkeys. Hi, Wayne, congratulations you are an honorary Monkeys' Uncle.
Anyway, the place has a very nice pavilion with a kitchen and bathroom. The area is screened in and has ceiling fans - My kind of camping. Recently, Uncle W. had flower beds made along one side of the building. Guess what I took camping - Compost of course. I also brought along a Wave petunia, Hyacinth bean seeds, purple Castor bean seeds, and two French hollyhocks. This should be a pretty border in a couple of months. They need a anchor plant for one corner. I am thinking a double purple Rose of Sharon.
The monkeys had a great time. A lot of the the cousin monkeys showed up. There was fishing, BB gun target practice, four wheeler riding, canoe paddling, and general running around in the country. There was a tractor parade (I missed the picture, drat). They brought me a dead turtle. Why do boys bring home dead things? We celebrated Middle Monkey's birthday. His actual birthday is the day after Christmas. We usually have a small party on his actual birthday and then let him pick something other type of larger party later in the year. Uncle W. wanted to have it at his place this year. Very nice of him.
It was a great weekend and we are all exhausted.
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  1. Hey Aunt Deb! Two of our favorite outdoor activites..camping and gardening. I've never got to do both at once like you. Sounds fun! -Jen :)

  2. Bet you had a fantastic time! Happy Easter

  3. Debbie ... if I had to fo camping (hubby knows that would never happen .. plus his being in the army .. he has had enough outdoor adventures) .. that kind of camping would be almost ok ? haha
    Sounds like a great time .. and yes .. boys do that .. don't they !

  4. Hi VP Hi Joy,

    Thanks for coming by. Yes we had fun. I have to say this is the best way to camp. Kitchen + shower + futon + Happy mommy camper.

  5. Cute picture of Abby. Very grateful we can't smell her. Hey consider yourself tagged. Details on our blog.

  6. Here we go my first meme as a blogger. Thankfully, abby dried out and got to come back in the house.

  7. Okay, now abby smells like wild onions. I think there may be a big hole out in my yard.

  8. Wet dog smell---ugggg! I use to like camping but now my bones would not like it too much. I would do the 4 wheeling and canoeing. Mostly it would just be fun to have so much family around. I'm trying to grow my own and start traditions for us. It was sure fun to read about what you all did.

  9. Hi Anna, Ir was not really camping for me. I kinda had a bed. We just made the monkeys sleep in the tents.