Monday, January 19, 2009

Talking In My Sleep

Apparently, the three month long crunch of holidays, parenting issues, volunteer overload, and having a ginormous extended family have finally caused me to crack. According to his report, this morning, Manly Man had to deal with this when he arrived home from work and tried to go to bed.

He found me on his side of the bed being very possessive of "his" pillow.

Him, "Could you give me my pillow?"
Me, "No, I have to take a picture of it for the master gardener website."
Him, "Could you move over a little?"
Me, "NO, can't you see I'm typing?"

He finally got me to roll over, but I would not give up the pillow.

I don't remember anything.
Enjoy this little view into my subconscious.

Do you walk or talk in your sleep? You know you really want to tell me.


  1. That cracks me up! You poor thing, you even have to work in your sleep. I do talk in my sleep sometimes, but James is the worst! He talks, he walks, he turns lights on and ends up in different rooms having no idea what he is doing. I like laughing at him. haha

  2. Um no, not even on Ambien CR! Debbi, you must find some balance and weed out some chaos in your daily life before you sleepwalk your way right into my husband's place of work (and you know where that is, don't you?) A certain "state hospital." Now how old is that youngest monkey???

  3. LOL--that is too funny! I do talk in my sleep, apparently, but of late the only one who hears are my cats and they never tell me what I said!

  4. Shala, One of my brothers walks, talks, and does stuff in his sleep. When we were kids, we used to half wake him up just to see what he would do.

    Brenda, a week at the funny farm would seem like a vacation. As soon as this week is over, everything should calm down. I implemented a schedule for myself, which should help a lot. The Monkeys are also going to start pulling their weight around these here parts.

    Monica, Cats are good at keeping secrets. The seeds are back in the mail.

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  7. LOL! Oh my goodness that is so funny! Hubby talks in his sleep and has provided me with some real laughs for years. The best riddle I know came from one of these nighttime conversations.

    Hubby: "What do you do when a cheetah eats your sandwich?"
    Me: "I don't know"
    Hubby: "Nothing. It's a cheetah!"

    See what I mean?


  8. Too funny. I hear my hubby talk oince in a while but it is usually something about work. I guess he gets no break - not evenwhen he sleeps!

  9. Debbi - what a hoot! I love that. I talk in my sleep, but thank goodness I only mumble incoherently. Who knows what I might say!

  10. Hi Taylor, thanks for stopping by. I will check out your blog.

    Cindy, he actually makes sense.

    My Little Family, Maybe you can find out what goes on when he is away at work.

    Diana, I know what might we confess:)

  11. Phill has "night terrors" when he hasn't had enough sleep, eg too much shift work. He saw children in a space ship in our bedroom doorway once, and another time I woke with his hands around my throat! He slept on the couch for the rest of that night. He hasn't done it for ages, probably because he's NEVER HERE! Sorry about that.
    Sometimes I pretend to talk in my sleep to wind him up. I've always been a stirrer.
    Debbi look after YOU girl, you're running yourself ragged.
    LOL at you wanting to take a photo of the pillow for a gardening website.

  12. Foxy, I have caught up on my sleep and feel just fine now. No more weirdness. I hope your man gets enough sleep. Night terrors are scary for everyone.