Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Imaginary Garden

In my last post, I admitted that I have an imaginary garden. When I am trying to fall asleep, I ponder on it and make plans.

My imaginary garden has no weeds. The flower beds are all in full bloom and are perfectly mulched. There are no lost tools or toys in the imaginary garden. In this garden, I do not trip and fall down.

Here are a few items that are in the imaginary garden.
1. A really comfy beautiful hammock. It is strung between two beautiful deciduous trees. It is in the shade in the summer and in the warm sun during the winter. I read and nap in this hammock.
2. A pond with a fountain. There are healthy plants and wonderful fish swimming around. The sound of the water is charming.
3. There is a boarder of roses and pomegranate trees between our home and the neighbors. Because we are good neighbors, there is an archway we can walk through to visit each other.
4. There is a sweet little ornamental grass plot on the corner of our yard. A very large bolder is the center piece of this little area.
5. In the side yard there is an old wheelbarrow planted up with blooming annuals and flanked by an antique rose bush.
6. Every fence is covered with blooming vines in this make believe landscape.
7. There is a native dry shade border out back. These plants live under my passion vine.
8. A very sweet little garden shed complete with window boxes and flower beds is in the back corner by the vegetable garden.

The birds are singing, the butterflies are floating, the cats are sleeping under the rosebush, and the Monkeys are perfectly behaved.

Tell me about your imaginary garden.


  1. That sounds like heaven. I can imagine it right now. :)

  2. My garden is filled with fruiting trees, fat healthy vegetables, all of the herbs I could ever want to grow, and flowers are blooming all the time. All bees live away from places I want to visit, and of course there is a hammock too. I have a shady pond that doesn't catch leaves or pine needles.

    Wouldn't it be perfect if we could bring those dreams into reality? Well, except maybe the perfectly behaved children part because we both know that will never happen. LOL.

  3. You WILL have this garden someday. But maybe not until the monkeys are grown! I don't know that dainty cute spots and boys mix, though I have no personal knowledge! I am now making my dream gardens. But my children are long grown, and I have the time.

  4. I use that same visualization technique to fall asleep when I am restless only I do the inside and outside of either a beach house or a lakeside log cabin. My gardens change but they are always self weeding, mulching, edging, watering, raking, etc. Otherwise I wouldn't get any sleep! Vickie

  5. Sounds like heaven on earth to me Deb! The no weeds and everything perfectly groomed & mulched is my dream garden too. :)

  6. My dream garden has a greenhouse and a gazeebo. There are fruit trees. In my dream garden I never hear the neighbors, and I can't smell their stinky cigarette smoke either. Definitely no archway connecting our yards. There are chickens and goats. The squirrels don't dig up bulbs...I'm getting sleepy...

  7. Debbi - my dream garden has a burbling pond with goldfish (and it never has any algae, racoon or scum problems), fruit trees, a rose bed and no fireants~!

  8. Tink, it is heaven like I imagine it.

    Cinj, Perfectly behaved children is a pipe dream.

    Brenda, I can see from your blog that you are seriously making your dream garden come true.

    Vickie, it works doesn't it. Plus I think I have better dreams.

    Curmudgeon, sleep well my friend.

    Diana, I so forgot to banish the fire ants. That should have been first on the list.

  9. My dream garden would be on at least 5 acres! With plenty of rain, but no mosquitoes. Of course, no weeds! I'd have a nice sized fish pond for fishing and a coy pond. There would be a peach orchard, some mandarin trees, fig trees and of course grape vines!
    Dream On,

  10. Lorilee, sounds like you have a little dream farm and I love it.