Thursday, February 7, 2008

Additional Observations

1. Apparently you should not ask your loving husband if you have hay in your hair.
2. A ten year old and a middle aged woman can build a compost pile about 10 times faster than the middle aged woman can by herself.
3. Compact florecent light bulbs are great for saving energy, but they cast more light on dirt. I have made my best friend crazy cleaning her baseboards - good times.
4. An eight year old will try to wash his plastic flip flops in the washing machine.
5. I am really bad at matching socks.

If you would like to add any observations feel free to share. Please don't use this blog to pick on a sister. Oh, never mind go for it.


  1. 1. With those headlights he has no idea you have hair.
    2. Middle aged?
    3. twirley lights are bad
    4.I've done that!
    5.Are they suppossed to match?
    6.So many little space!!!!

  2. I should have known where he got to flip flop washing idea.

  3. I also wouldn't recommend asking a husband if your sweater or jeans are too tight. He will always say no, even if you look like a streetwalker. I have an observation to add...

    Your baby could be a neat freak all day. But never give him a bath and put him in new pajamas. He will inevitably spit up and get a leaky diaper. BTW, why does baby poo stain so fast? It drives me crazy!

  4. Baby pooh is an amazing freak of nature. It will stain everything forever.

    Maybe your man likes the tightness?

  5. Scary baby poo!!!
    Aren't men wonderfully blind?

  6. It absolutely agree