Sunday, February 10, 2008

Balmy Compost Pile

It is 3:30 in the a.m. The compost pile is at 85 degrees.

As you may have read yesterday, I added bunny poo tea and liquid fish to the pile. The only thing I have left to add is blood meal and tears.

I have recieved several suggestions advising to "just to leave it alone and let compost happen." This is very Zen and rock solid advice, however, I am late in the winter season and don't want to have to buy compost for spring planting. Plus, it just makes me crazy when I don't get my way. I was an only child until age 4 when Mom decided to have 6 more babies over the next fourteen years. I frequently have "a fit and fall in it," as my dear mother would say. This may explain the neediness and control freak aspects of my gardening personality, or maybe I am just crazy.


  1. You are a better gardenwoman than I .. compost ? .. doesn't that just come in a bag ? LOL

  2. It may have to come from one this season.

  3. HA HA
    Every nite I go over there and put ice and chemicals on your pile!!!!!
    yes, you are crazy!

  4. I knew somebody was up to something out there in the dark.