Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yeah Lost is Back

Signs you might be a lost nut.

You have a special pillow to sit on to watch Lost.
There is a moratorium on speaking during Lost in your home.
You have converted your family members into Lost fans.
You have all the past seasons of the show on DVD.
People who know you are a Lost fan avoid you Thursday mornings.
You rewatch and freeze parts of the show to read all the text on props in the show (milk cartons) Same thing goes with photos on desks and walls.
You are still trying to figure out what all the numbers mean.
You feel really sorry for Hugo.

Are you a Lost nut?


  1. Muddy Boots, You are SO on my blogroll.

  2. Yes, my son knows that when Lost is on Mom is 'on break'. Two new ones tonight was great! I love it when they throw in dead characters. I feel sorry for Hurley, but you know someone will get him out!

  3. Debbie .. I tried to watch the catch up version since I didn't follow this show .. but I was overwhelmed with too many details , characters and explosions .. I have NO idea what the heck is going on !!! LOL

  4. There are people out there who don't feel sorry for Hugo?

  5. I like watching Lost, but get a bit confused if I happen to miss an episode (or an hour). I forgot it was on until flipping through the channels after American Idol. What a waste of an hour that I could have been watching Lost. Sigh. So, what did I miss from 7-8?

  6. Laura, but how are they going to get him to the island?

    Joy, if you want to add more insanity to your life, rent the past seasons and start from scratch.

    Mr. Subjunctive, The Others, No?

    Cinj, Ben trying to get the six back to the island. Sayid kills three people and gets Hugo out of the mental institution. The island is time traveling.