Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Floats in the Water Garden

One of the reasons I love the Internet and garden bloggers is because of the great inspirations I find for my gardens.
Frances at a Faire Garden posted about the development of her water garden.
I shamelessly stole the idea of using fishing floats in my water garden. They are beautiful, they float, they don't clog up the surface of the water with plant material and I can still see the fish.

First effort with three floats one larger than the others. I think it is too much.

Here it is with just the largest float. I think this is the look I am after. Now I need to get the Curly Whirly Juncus out of that bright orange pot and learn to take better pictures.
Anybody know of any good photography for idiots type books?
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  1. What exactly is a fishing float and where do you find them?

  2. Nola, I should have said fish net floats. They have a ton of them at First Monday in Canton.

  3. Hi Debbie, thanks for the link. Your floats look wonderful, that big one is very lovely. The new wordpress blog had a list of links to me and your was the first one! I have always wanted to be able to tell when someone linked to me easily and now have it. Hooray! Do come visit me at my new place, I am trying out all kinds of colors! ;->

    Frances at Fairegarden
    new url

  4. Fishing floats! Well, I don't know a thing about fishing, but those look like gazing balls. So I want some for my pond.

  5. Hi Frances, thanks for the inspiration. I love being first. Your new blog looks great.

    Brenda, You can get them in all sizes at First Monday. They do look like gazing balls for the pond.

  6. Good idea, but I thought the Curly Whirly Juncus wouldn't take a lot of water. I might try something like that also as I have one of those barrels full of rain water.
    BTW, Where do you find those floats? Would any fishing supply store have them?
    Should have read other comments first. How about doing something for the Holidays, any ideas?

  7. lola, I got them from my grandmother and First Monday Trade Days in Canton. I have not even thought about Holiday decorating yet.

  8. The float looks like a beautiful colorful bubble on the surface. So whimsical!


  9. I love first Monday in Canton. When I lived in Texas (Athens) as a kid my grandma used to set up an antiques booth there every month for years. We were there for the duration of the weekend as kids. It was like a giant amusement park to us. :) Those fishing floats are beautiful & look great in your water garden Deb.

  10. Now I know what to do with all my fishing floats----oh, I don't have fishing floats. I think you could trade those out when you get tired of any particular one. They all look good.

  11. Hi Raquel, We always find cool stuff at First Monday.

    Hi anna, I have already change it up a little bit.

  12. I've seen lots of digital photography books at the library, including a couple of the Dummies series. Happy reading!

  13. Mr. McGregor's daughter, I will check it out, literally.