Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Teenage Monkey

Happy Birthday to my first boy.
You can look me in the eye now.
You help your brothers with math when I can't.
Your voice cracks.
You seem both grown up and very young.
You are loving and funny.
You changed my life.
You make me very proud.
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  1. Happy Birthday to a wonderful, lovely, (challenging?) creative genius that must be your Virgo boy.

    Peace and Love Aunt Debbi!


  2. That's right sarah, he is a virgo just like you. He will love reading your message.



  3. What a handsome boy! And I know from your other posts that he's actually a big help, too. No wonder you're proud! So... what are you doing for the birthday bash? Are you making an amazing cake?! Show and tell, please...

  4. Happy Birthday...oh, I just can't call a guy that cute the "M word"! That's such a great age, man time flies, in no time at all he'll be driving! Hope you have a great celebration! Eat lots of cake and laugh a lot!

  5. Happy birthday big monkey! It's all just going so fast, isn't it Deb? Son's birthday is Saturday he'll be 11 already. Where does the time go anyway?

  6. ofb, he wanted sweet and sour chicken. My mom spent her high school years in Formosa and knows how to cook it. She also made these evil frozen chocolate balls that are filled with cream cheese and crushed oreos.

    tina, he is 14

    Hi nola, we had a nice birthday dinner. I am actually going to take him to my dad's ranch and teach him how to drive soon. You can never have to many drivers while working cattle.

    cinj, it does seem like it is going fast.

  7. Same age as mine! Who just turned that age last month. We have something in common here. Very neat.

  8. Happy Birthday to your teenager! 14 is such a great age. Now 16 is another matter, lol. You have some exciting years ahead now Deb. :)

  9. Raquel, I am sure it will be interesting.