Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun with My Site Meter

Every once in a while I like to check on my site meter and see what brought people here. Mostly it is fellow garden bloggers and family members. Occasionally, someone gets here through a google search looking for some weird stuff for example.

Angel's trumpet looking sad - Don't be sad angels trumpet.

Going to the poor farm - No we aren't. Not yet anyway.

Laws of gardening - You are at the wrong site. I have been known to attract the attention of law enforcement in this garden.

The truth about oregano - Wow, I didn't know that oregano had a dark side and family secretes.

The Winner Is.....

What oak tree has hollow balls?



  1. Oh, my. Those are some real classics. Whoever searched "going to the poor farm" must have been thinking about my place!

  2. Those searches are funny. I thought you were going to talk about the sitemeter migration issues. I sure am glad they brought it back.

  3. LMAO, I didn't know an oak tree had balls! Acorns, yes; balls, no. I didn't know you could find out that much info. Do you have a free one or do you pay for that much info? I just figured out how to install one last Sunday, I am trying out 2 free ones, but I don't know what info either one will give me. Maybe I should check!

  4. Haha - always love to see stats. Think we need to go through ours again and see what has trickled in.

    One of our favorites...

    "How to deter aunts from my garden"

  5. That's really funny! I'll have to go look at my site meter for a good laugh too!


  6. Hi ofb, sometimes it feels like that around here too, poor, but not so much the farm.

    Hi tina, I did miss it while it was down.

    Nola, just go to the dashboard on your site and there should be some instructions on site meters. Mine is free.

    Hi Cindy, The meters usually reveal something funny or just weird:)

    Hi James, just make it over 100 in the shade and aunts will be detered

  7. You must have a more thorough one than I do. I just use the one from Feedjit on my blog. Those are too funny! Guess you got a good chuckle.

  8. HA! I check mine occassionally but no funny links got people there lately. LOL.

  9. Hi cinj, sometimes you have to roll over the google entries to see what the search words.

    Brenda I just use the site meter freebee.

  10. Hollow Balls--funniest thing I've heard lately. I know what they were looking for. They wanted to know what the fruit of the Sycamore of Sweet Gum Trees. They fall all over the place here. We have so many oak trees that they think it comes from those.

  11. Anna, I am sure that is what there were after too, but it was still funny funny funny.