Friday, March 14, 2008

It Started Out All Sunshine and Kitty Cats

The day started out with my girls being sweet. It was a beautiful morning. I was going to work as an actual gardener again. Birds were singing.

Then we transplanted huge Lantana. Here is my wonderful new helper. She is not afraid of Lantana or falling or her backside. I got a sunburn.

Then I snuck over to the Monkey's Uncle's house to get rid of the evidence/lantana prunings. I got stuck and therefore got caught.

Here are two monkeys and the Monkeys' Uncle chaining his big truck to my little truck. Monkeys and Monkeys' Uncle are very very useful for this crazy woman. Read the previous post to find out what happened next.
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  1. I've been here for 30 years...for all of you who think this is a one time happening, ask her how many pine cones it takes to hide a set of keys and for how long!

  2. Or how long keys can stay buried in the compost pile. Or how many trash cans I have murdered. It is kind of like the song that never ends.

  3. Oh my....your day was as bad as mine wasn't it! At least my cabbages didn't explode - LOL!

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  5. Hi Sherry, there is never a dull moment around here or over the with you either.

  6. Oh No, caught in the act. My kind of luck! Cute post.