Friday, March 14, 2008

Then The Cabbage Exploded

If you are coming here from Blotanical read this post first. I had to do this backwards because I could only post four pictures at a time.
Then the Monkey's Uncle's really big truck got stuck too. Now we had to call one of the Monkey's Uncle's old high school buddies to pull us both out. We got out okay, but sil#1 is going to be royally ticked off when she sees her lawn.
When I finally made it home, I went out to the garden to get some good garden mojo. No good gardening mojo was available. Instead, I found that one of my cabbages had exploded. Ever had one of those days? I am going to drink a beer.
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  1. I don't blame you!

    I love your Kitty's on your later post - the B&W one looks just like our Jess :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi VP. Do you have a manx? It is hard to tell from that picture, but my cats do not have tails.

  3. Hmmm, the Curious Case of the Exploding Cabbage! Sounds like way too much water coming down way too fast to me. I'm with VP on your pretty kitties--those are gorgeous girls! I've never had Manx, but I hear they're sunny-tempered and friendly like our Maine coons--sort of dogs in cat clothing.

  4. Over the last nine days we have had snow, temps ranging from 32 to 94, 3 inches of rain, and fog. I don't blame the cabbage, I want to explode too.

    Thanks for the kitty compliment. The manx are supposed to be dog/cats. Ours certainly take the jobs of patroling the property seriously. The cali has a cali personality. I am beautiful therfor do not pick me up. Kind of a worship me from afar attitude.