Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stupid Weed Cloth

One of my customers insists on leaving weed cloth in her flower beds. These beds are huge and they never killed the Bermuda grass roots before putting down the weed cloth, cutting through it, planting, and mulching. So guess what happened - Bermuda grass growing right up through the weed cloth. I can not get it out. This is very frustrating to me as the bed never ever looks like it should. Before she has company or parties, I dump a bunch of mulch on everything to hide the mess. If she would let me pull it out, ninety percent of the weeds would come out with it and then we would have a nice, easy to clean planting area. She insists that the weed cloth stay.

Since she hired me over a year ago, I have added flowerbeds all around the backside of her house. They were so well amended and cleaned out, that she actually enjoys caring for them herself. The beds I made, do not have weed cloth.

I I wonder how much trouble I would get into if I just took out about ten feet of it and showed her how much better it looks after a few weeks. She wouldn't be able to tell until I showed her. Hmmm, the worst she can do is fire me.

I have never ever seen weed cloth work like it is supposed to. Even in well prepared beds, seeds get blown in on top of it, and grow right through the cloth. I believe weed cloth, like pantyhose, are an invention of the devil and should be destroyed. What kind of evil invention would you like eradicated?


  1. Weed cloth is a stupid invention that might work well for paths. I personally don't like it either.

  2. pgl, very stupid, yet people keep buying it.

  3. Weedcloth is awful. The worst invention I'd like gone would be cigarettes.

  4. This is why I love to blog, or rather, read blogs; I get first hand info from experienced people. I was thinking of adding weed cloth to my beds before I mulch them and "put them to bed" for the winter; now I won't. Thanks, ladies, for saving me the time, expense, and aggravation!
    Debbi, are you a landscaper? Guess I should go read your profile, huh?

  5. I'm back, again. I see from your profile that you are in the same zone I'm in, how great (for me)! Now I can ask you all sorts of questions when I can't get in touch with Neil Sperry!

  6. Nola, I am a landscape designer and kaufman county master gardener. I love to create new gardens for my customers. Unfortunately they do not always follow my advise.

    Do not use weed cloth. It should be renamed weed magnet.

  7. I can't agreee with you more Deb. I hate the weed cloth as well. My neighbor once used it and by the end of the season there were weeds coming up on top of it. It is ugly to boot and tears when you try to pull up the weeds. It should be banned!

  8. When we moved here, there was clear plastic down for a weed barrier. It had deteriorated over the years and began showing, I got rid of it. I don't use any weed barrier type of material.

    Are Japanese beetles an invention?

  9. You know, I am trying to talk my husband into just skipping the black weed fabric and he is insisting that we need to put it down. I don't know why since he doesn't do the weeding around here. I am trying to tell him that it's hard to pull the weeds out of the cloth and he refuses to listen. Grrr! He think it helps prevent weeds from growing in the garden. Could somebody set him straight? I wonder if he'd get horribly mad at me if I just went ahead and laid the mulch today and accidentally forget to lay down the fabric. I hate to be dishonest though. SIGH!

    Bad inventions? I agree cigarettes are high on my list, also all those yummy treats that I just love to scarf down.

  10. Cynthia, that's right it is just a complete mess.

    TC, I think that plastic is even worse. At least water can get through the weed cloth. Japanese beetles right up there with mosquitos on the "Why did God make those?" question.

    cinj, if you have Bramuda grass you are likely to regret that weed cloth, just saying. I have a triscut addiction so I know what you mean about the snacks.

  11. Debbie .. I'm laughing like an idiot here .. about the weed cloth and the damn pantyhose (its been years girl ! haha) .. I too thought it was a great idea until I saw the damn grass growing through it .. so I am trying to drag it out of my garden slowly .. so I don't drag out my plants too !
    VERY funny post girl .. go ahead .. do it !!

  12. Out, Damn weed barriers!

    I wish someone would invent a bird feeder that doesn't get rained in, so I didn't have to clean all the yuck out of them after the rain.

    I could also do without grasshoppers and cute little bunny rabbits.... grrrr

    But I like my armadillos, they're good aerators and too lazy to cross over a 6 inch barrier. :)

  13. Hi joy, I'm telling you it is from the devil. Good luck getting it out without hurting any plants.

    Hi vonne, it's been too long girl. If they just aerated that would be fine, but that sucker tore up the lawn bad.

  14. Not to mention...slugs love it. A nice warm place to hide and munch.

  15. Hey Deb, I've been around, just haven't had much to say. I'm like that sometimes. :)
    That's so sweet that you're baking bread for folks from down-state.
    Be careful if you have to be out, and watch for flying cows!
    Nice pumpkin, btw!

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