Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Remember yesterday when I took worms to school. Look what those sweet kiddies did for me. I have a whole stack of handmade thank you cards.
Here are a few excerpts
Dear Ms. M, than you for comeing to tech us about plants I eprech ate it. It was fun. I like to plant seeds- Dawn
Dear Ms. M. thank you for coming my mom haves a Lot or plans to plans are cool and priti I like to smile them. do you I Do- Halo
Dar Ms M. Than you from coming and sharing a boat your plant your so SWEET - JT
Dear Ms. M., thank you for comeing to oour school and teaching us bout plants and woums come again - Patrick
Ms. M. than you for comeing and showing us the soil in the werms the werms wer rilly cool and how did you holde the werm. Ms. M. I have a qushtin for you how did you hold the werm without it herting you -Ivree
Dear Ms. M. thank you for comining to our school to teach us about plants and leting us see the worms. I really liked the worm eggs - Colby
Ms. M. thank you for coming to tell us stuff about plants. My mom loves all kinds of plants and she love to buy them. -Blayne
do you have bunny if you have two can I have one please check yes or no- J.
Thank you Mom for coming to char with us. We like it my class like it. We wot you to come naks week.
I was drawn with short hair, long hair, pig tails, and blue eye shadow. One little boy even drew the worm bin. I feel pretty good about life right now.
Sorry this is all center aligned. Blogger won't let me change it today.
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  1. Aren't kids just the sweetest? I love those hand made cards they make. The mis-spelled words make them even more precious! I especially enjoy keeping a sample of my own kids' work from each year so I can compare their progress. Sometimes it's fun for us to go through their collections together recalling long forgotten memories.

  2. I have spoken to classes every year for at least the last five years. This is the first time a teacher encouraged good manners and had them send the thank you notes. Good job Ms. B.

  3. Those are classic, Debbi! And you're right, their teacher is setting them up to succeed in later life by teaching good manners along with their schoolwork. Kudos to her!

  4. Hi Ben, My tummy still feels all warm and fuzzy.

  5. It is so important that you go back and answer some of the questions they asked. I use to teach school and some of those questions are so awesome. They wanted to know if the worms hurt you. Kids will wonder that stuff forever. I love kids and this shows that you gave a good program and that they listened well. Good job!

  6. Hi Anna, Luckily we live in tiny town texas and I am in contact with most of these munchins all the time. I will walk up to the school tomorrow and see these little people and tell them anything they want to know, or admit I don't know everything.

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  8. seriously dont even try. I will delete you every single time.